Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Brief Update

The 2016 school year ended for me!  \o/   I finished my last paper and got it turned in for my mom to score.  Now, what happened to May?  I found myself watching the first and third Fridays blowing past me like the cotton in my backyard.  These past few months feel like they have been going by so fast.  I feel like I haven't even found the time to write a blog post for you all.  Well, I wrote one... But I was not very happy with how it looked.  I know I said I'd do a summary of my vacation from back in September... But with how I was seeing it, that meant typing down everything I said in my journal.  I noticed how bland it was.  It was as if I was just writing down what happened at each time of the day.

So, I have a plan... kind of.  I am going to just paste a lot of my best pictures from the most memorable parts of my trip and I'll just talk about them briefly.  Nothing too big or small, just a little caption about what happened on our way to California.  This will look a lot like my introduction post.
For those who have been curious.  In a way, I took off May to finish the rest of my schoolwork.  But it turned out to be more than that.  After not posting at all in May, I got into a temporary slump where I didn't want to post.  Then, I got a new laptop.  At this point in time, I am trying to transfer all of my pictures from my Macbook to my new PC.  After failing at moving them through a hard drive, I am now trying Google Drive which seems to be working a lot better.  I'm not seeing a load of blank pictures all corrupted from being shifted from one brand of computer to another.

After this, I want to share a bit about the ducks my family has been raising since the beginning of May.  They are now six weeks old and soon they'll be flying!  A tradition we always hold with our ducks is to throw them off of our deck for flight training,  We can't exactly let them go into the wild without being tested to fly.

Oh!  Yesterday I finally found my original document of my novel.  This made me really happy because I have been trying to find out when I first started writing The Sword of Warriors Past (SOWP).  Although, finding out my novel's birthday was almost a month ago kind of disappointed me.  It disappointed me because of the fact I missed it and I was not able to celebrate it.  May 15, 2015.  That is the day I wrote the very first words in my soon-to-be-novel.

With that, I just want to thank everyone who still visits my blog even when I don't post on the scheduled days I had planned for.  I will keep trying to do my best in getting these posts out to you guys.  I love doing this, I love having a place on the internet where I can share what I want.   Please stay tuned in for the blog post on Friday, it is sure to have some beautiful pictures.

See you next time,
                    -Anna Jolene


  1. I'm excited to see them, and happy book anniversary!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your trip pictures!