Friday, July 1, 2016

Raising Mallards

NaNoWriMo starts today!!! Yay!

Hello, everyone!  For the past four years, my family has been raising Mallard ducklings.  MingMing, Donald and Daisy, Beaker, and Louie.  Our yearly adventure started out with an abandoned duckling named MingMing.  Our neighbor ended up finding her in the middle of the street one day, with no way to care for it, she stopped my mother and brothers on their walk and asked if they could take the duckling off her hands.  And since then, we have gotten our ducks at two different stores that sold ducklings in bulk.  In our second year, we bought two ducklings, Donald and Daisy.  That ended up being a bad year, Donald was (most likely) eaten by a coyote.  And Daisy flew away a week later.

But this year, we had a better experience with raising two ducks at a time.  They were easier to "catch" and spend time with.  These two ducks were absolute sweethearts.  I loved them so much.

Today I wanted to share about the two sweetest ducks of my life this summer.  Skipper and Dharma.  To help you all with identifying which is which... Dharma has a yellow tuft on the back of his head.  We raised these adorable, sweet, small, loving ducklings for eight weeks from May to June.  We released these babies on the 23rd.

The name Skipper came from The Penguins of Madagascar and Dharma came from the show Lost.  I thought it was a little funny Skipper ended up being a girl and once it was a little more obvious I started calling her Skippy.  I always thought Dharma was going to be a girl, but I was surprised when Dharma ended up being the larger duck when he was smaller than Skippy when we first got them.

I wish I had pictures of our flight lessons with them, I will make sure that happens next year.  We make it a priority to give our ducks' flight lessons before we release them.  From the brick wall to the highest level of our deck, we love to throw them off of the ledge.  I guess it also gives them some sort of independence.

One thing I noticed with raising ducks, is that I get outside a lot more often when there are birds waiting outside for me to care for them.  They are so fun to watch, I just find it's easier to get myself into the outdoors when I have something to do.  I don't like getting hot, but seeing the ducks splash around in the pool makes me feel somewhat better.

I am currently at our cabin resort spending an awesome amount of time fangirling, writing, reading, playing volleyball, Yahtzee, and sitting by the campfire with most of my extended family.  I cannot wait to share with you guys, I am having so much fun and we leave tomorrow.  Why?!?!
I'm going to move on with the adorable duck pictures now, enjoy!

This is a collage of pictures from our first day with Skipper and Dharma.  Skipper is the duckling on the left in both pictures.  And Dharma is the adorable bundle of fluff with the little tuft on his head.
Their first time in the kiddy pool and it seemed like they enjoyed it to the fullest.  
A Clear picture of the quickly growing Skipper and a little Dharma in the background.
This was a week into raising them and they were already growing so quickly.  I always forget how fast things go by when you raise ducklings.
Skipper, quite a large time skip.  Sorry.  I couldn't find any other pictures earlier than this.
Dharma, my big boy :3
This was either a smooch... or Skipper really wanted what Dharma was eating.
Testing the little chicken wings.  They're so puny.
Pool time in the hot sun.
Sometimes the ducks are seriously afraid of the hose (I suppose it looks like a snake) that other times they drink out of it and make a hole of mud.  Such a mess.
Look at that little tuft ^.^  We thought he would've lost the tuft by then, but he didn't/haven't.
One thing all of our ducks have in common is their cautiousness with planes.  You hear a plane overhead?  They are tilting their heads to watch it as it flies across the sky.
Nap time, Dharma?
I thought this picture was just so clear.  And you can also see Skipper's joker smile starting to show.... Yeah.  I thought it was just dirt from sticking their faces in the mudholes, but it never washed off.
They're so romantic.  Total love birds xD
My last picture of Dharma alone.  Oh, my baby <3

Thank you all for staying tuned in for this post.  I loved these ducks so much and it made me so happy when I thought about sharing the pictures I took of them on the internet.
Fun fact, I made a Flickr account.  Click here to be brought to my profile.
Next week I will post a summary or something close to a summary about my cabin week.  We have had so much fun up north and I would love to share it with everyone.
See you next time,
-Anna Jolene o/


  1. They're so cute! We have pekin ducks, but two girls died and we had to kill one boy because they were fighting, so we now have two girls and a boy.

    1. Thank you! Oh fun, and sad? It had hit me hard when we found feathers all over the yard and Donald nowhere to be seen. And it didn't help that it was Father's Day too.