Friday, June 10, 2016

A Trip to California: Part One

Hello, everyone!
Today I am officially starting a short series called A Trip to California.  I am back from finishing the school year!  In my previous post (disregard the fact that I just posted an update), I explained pretty much everything you need to know about what is happening with this series.  Click here to go see the introductory post.
To briefly state what was said in that post, I will summarize my two-week vacation I took last September. The first post will consist of the drive to California, the second will be about our stay in California, and the third will probably be a shorter post about the return home.  There will be plenty of pictures so that you won't have to imagine anything in your head.
A helpful little fact to know is that I journaled most of our trip over the two weeks we were traveling.  I want to really show the beauty of the world more than anything since I got to see so much.  But what I noticed is that if I copied everything I wrote down in my journal, it would most likely take a couple months before I finish.  And I didn't like that idea, so I put together all the best pictures I took and I will briefly talk about them.
With that, here is part one of A Trip to California.


I captured a pretty sweet view of a Colorado valley in the Rocky Mountains.  There was a plentiful amount of places to stop and get out of the car to see the view,  but of course, we had to stop at a gravel-like pull-off that didn't look official whatsoever.

Though I didn't get a very good picture of the four corners where you can stand on Arizone, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico at the same time.  Here is a neat image of the flagpoles at the Four Corners Monument.  I practically ran laps through four states in a matter of minutes, so that was fun.  

On our second day of travelling, we visited Garden of the 'gods.'  One of the only places in Colorado that has some beautiful red rock like Utah.  
One thing my family always loves to do is to go hiking.  Garden of the 'gods' has some great trails we went on.  Though they were pretty long, the reward was breathtaking.
These are the largest sand dunes in North America, and they are located in southern Colorado.  I seriously thought we took a wrong turn and somehow ended up in Egypt.  The dunes were massive!  For a size comparison, do you see those three black dots on the lowest hill?  That is my dad and my two brothers.  They are tiny in comparison to those mountains of sand.
My camera is somewhat good at getting lens flairs in on the action.  And that is an understatement.  I feel like whenever I try to get a picture with the sun, even just a tiny bit in the picture, it has to add the lens flairs.  But I really like how this picture shows all the shadows and different shades of color in the Grand Canyon.
I picked to share this view of the Canyon just to show the comparison of size.  The pine trees in this pictures are just tiny compared to the massive cliffs of the Canyon.   It's just an amazing thing to see, God created this beautiful feat just for us to praise His mighty hands, He created this for us to enjoy.
I used this picture for my blog banner, isn't this just beautiful?  I can't believe the stupid amount of sunset pictures I took, but this is one of my favorites.  I captured this on our first night at the Grand Canyon.  
Fun fact:  This is a Western Scrub Jay.  I tried to get a picture of this bird for three days.  From Garden of the 'gods' to the Grand Canyon, I finally captured a picture of this beautiful bird on our second day in the Canyon.
I hope you all were interested in knowing what we did back in September.  I can't wait to get the rest of the trip out to you guys.  Please leave feedback in the comments below letting me know what you think.  I think it would be awesome to know if others like my photography style and if they want to see more.

 Good Bye!
-Anna Jolene o/


  1. Love your pictures, Anna, and finally figured out how I can see them full screen on my tablet! Looking forward to the next installment.