Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Photo A Day Challenge (Day 5+6)

Hey everybody!
This will be day 5 and 6 of the Photo a Day challenge because I forgot yesterday's picture.  The following link will bring you to the lady's website/blog.
Yesterday's theme was "ornament," every year my mom buys us a new ornament for the Christmas tree.
This was a spur the moment picture.  The needles of my Christmas tree are sparkly, just like today's theme.

Happy holidays everybody!
-Anna <3

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Photo A Day Challenge (Day 3+4)

Hello everybody,
  This is both day 3 and 4 of the December Photo a Day Challenge.  The following link will bring you to the lady's website/blog, she was the one who started the challenge.
Yesterday's theme was "candle," that's the first picture.  Today's theme was "silver," that's the second picture listed.
My brother had to do an experiment with candles, so why not take my opportunity and use that as my picture :)

This is today's theme (silver) Our stocking holders, spelling out N.O.E.L. 

Merry Christmas :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Photo A Day Challenge (Day 2)

Hello  people of the internet *waves*
Today is day two of the Photo A Day Challenge.  The following link will bring you to the lady's website/blog.
Today's theme was "errands,"  and my mom and I went shopping for a few things this afternoon.  I needed a couple packs of thumb tacks for a DIY I have been working on (You'll see a picture of it later in the month)

Have a great day!
-Anna Jolene <3

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Photo A Day Challenge (Day 1)

Hey everybody *waves*
I am doing a December photo challenge today.  It's where every day this month you take a picture of something with the theme they give you.  I will try to post these everyday of the month, if not you'll get two days worth on one day :)  I also want to see you guys try this challenge too,  you can post it on Pinterest, Twitter, your blog, Facebook, etc.  You can find the lady who started this challenge by clicking the following link, it'll bring you to her blog.
Today's theme was a picture of something red and white.  My mom made cookies this afternoon, they are double chocolate cookies with peppermint kisses on them.  This is also the first photography based post on my blog *claps* Yay me!  I hope you all will enjoy the holiday-like pictures coming up <3

Monday, November 24, 2014

Story Snippets - Part Nine

Hey everyone, I was a little late in posting this…
But without further wait, here is part nine of The King's Daughter.
Here's Part Eight if you missed it.
I hope you enjoy <3
-Anna Jolene


By the time the sun rose the next morning, the three of them were all packed and ready for their journey to Port Avalin.
“Make sure there’s nothing left behind.”  Adam reminded Cierra.
She looked back, “I’m pretty sure we got everything.  Unless you want to take the dead wolf with?”
Adam grinned, “I think I’ll be fine with leaving him behind.”
“Okay, we’re good to go then.” Cierra hopped onto Syrith’s back along with Adam and their luggage.
A whole hour had gone by when Adam spotted something in the distance.  “Is that Port Avalin?  I thought we were further south.”
“Your saying we could have been sleeping in an actual bed last night?” Cierra was shocked.
“If you want to say that.  Then yes, we could have been sleeping indoors.  We should go find my friend, they’re supposed to meet us at the inn.”
When they landed, Adam brought Syrith to the Aviary to be took care of.  Cierra followed him into the busier part of the village, where there were people trading and selling goods. 
Port Avalin looks a lot like Galvron, She told herself as they walked into the inn on the edge of the square. "The Old Violet Inn and Tavern," She read out loud.
Adam walked up to the counter, “We have someone waiting for us.”  He told the Innkeeper.
“Name?” The man asked in a deep and menacing voice.
“Adam Rivers,” he said softly.
“Ah, your one of those worldlings.” The man laughed.  “Here’s your key.”
They walked across the tavern and up the stairs to all the rooms.
“Why’d he call you a worldling?” Cierra asked.
“That’s what they call us, since we come from ‘another world’.  That’s why I was quiet with my last name.”
“It’s not a bad last name.  I had a friend with it, back in New york.”  Cierra thought about Kacey, and remembered about the night before.
“Had?”  Adam asked.
“We moved to California three years ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.  Here’s our room,” He knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Cierra heard a female voice say.
Adam turned the key and walked in, Cierra followed.  “I found her Rachel,” Adam spoke first as they entered the room.
“You have wings!”  Cierra couldn’t hold it back.
Rachel laughed, “I guess you’ve never seen my kind.  I’ll introduce myself, I’m Rachel, royal guard of Kaidor.”
“I’m Cierra, Princess of Alderith?”  She said hesitantly.
“Its great to finally meet you,” Rachel smiled. 
“Are you a ‘worldling’ too?” Cierra asked.
“No, I’ve lived here my whole life.  But when my father died my mom thought about sending me to my aunt and uncle who live in your world.”  Rachel smiled.  “We have some gifts from your father.”  She looked at Adam for permission; he nodded and walked over to a sack in the corner of the room.
“There are a few things in here.”  Adam told Cierra as he handed her the sack.
Cierra slowly opened the bag, there lay a sword, a bag of money, another note written by her father, and a belt to hold her new sword and money. “All this stuff is for me?”  Both Rachel and Adam nodded.
“Read the note.” Rachel said eagerly.
Cierra picked up the piece of paper and read aloud.
Dear Cierra,
If you’re reading this, then you are probably in Port Avalin.  I’m praying for safe travels for you and your companions.  I’m hoping they can teach you how to use the sword I’ve given you. I can’t wait to see you.
Your Father,

P.S.  Be careful.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Update: Where have I been?

Well, I'm going o start off by saying:
Hello people, how have you been?
I'm alive, and I'm still here.  It has been a few weeks since I posted something, and it was barely anything just a story snippet (which you people enjoy) and that's it.  School had started and my activity on here vanished. I've been getting behind in my schoolwork and trying to get it done on he weekends, and I haven't had any time to write up a post for my blog.  I love to post and take pictures, I mean what's a blog called Truth of the Lens without pictures? So, starting tomorrow I am planning on posting story snippet number nine.  Hopefully you the people will see more of me more often :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Story Snippets - Part Seven

Hey everybody! This post was supposed to go up last Sunday, but… I really have no excuse, I just forgot.  Since you've been waiting so long for the next story snippet here it is.
If you missed the last snippet, here's part six.


Adam leaned over and patted Syrith to continue.  They flew over fields and hills, then farmland and houses.  After a couple hours they finally flew over a large village and Syrith started to descend.
“Is this Galvron?” Cierra asked.
“I believe so, let’s go find a shop keeper for you.”
When they finally landed they let Syrith rest under a tree while they went to shop.  The streets were bustling with people selling all types of goods, from food to jewelry.  Cierra followed Adam into a more quiet side of the town.  Then he turned and entered a small building.
“Is this it?”
Adam nodded, “You can look around while I’ll go get the shopkeeper.”
“Okay.”  Cierra replied as she watched Adam walk to the back of the room.
She looked around; there was clothing and supplies packed to the ceiling.  Cierra picked up a light blue satin dress.
“That one is my favorite,” Cierra jumped and almost bumped over a rack.
“You scared me.”  Cierra looked at the old woman who had approached her with Adam at her side.
“I’m sorry my lady, I didn’t mean to.”
“Cierra, this is Mariah.  She’s the owner of this shop.”
“Nice to meet you,” Cierra smiled.
Mariah apologized again, “I really didn’t mean to scare you ma’am.”
“No, no, it’s okay.  I’m not hurt am I?”
“No I guess not.”  She looked over at Adam who was patiently waiting for the women to finish speaking.
“Like I was saying earlier, Cierra here needs some new clothes and a few supplies.”
Mariah nodded and beckoned the two young adults to follow her.  They walked into a room at the back of the building. 
Mariah gestured towards a pile of clothes.  “You can pick whatever you’d like, then come talk to me when you’re finished.”
Cierra looked at all the shirts and vests that lay out in front of her.  She eyed a dark brown vest off to the side.
“I think this will fit me,” Cierra announced.
“Do you want to try it on?  Here, you’ll want a shirt under that.” Adam handed her a white blouse.
Cierra nodded and turned to follow him to a back room where she could try it on.
Mariah came up from behind, “Is that what you picked?”
Cierra smiled, “Yes, do you have more like this?”
“Sure, I’ll go find some more while you change.”  Mariah grinned.
Cierra closed the door to the small room and changed into the outfit she picked.
“You said you wanted a sack of supplies too?” Mariah asked Adam, after he nodded she then left to retrieve the supplies.
“I have a surprise for you when we get to Port Avalin.”  Adam grinned.
“What kind of surprise?”  Cierra asked.
“You’ll see. I have a friend taking care of it.”
“Here you go.  This sack has food, the other sets of clothes, and a sleeping mat.”  Mariah said as she came back.
“Thank you, how much will that be?”  Adam asked.
Mariah thought it over for a moment, “How about 30 pieces of gold?”
“Okay, Here is 28, 29, 30.” Adam counted out the money and handed it to Mariah.

“Thank you, come again.” Mariah waved to Adam and Cierra as they walked out of the building.

Story Snippets - Part Eight

Hello everybody,
I apologize with the lateness of this post.  I've been caught up with school lately, but since I have found time to write up this post, you can now read it.
Here is Part Seven if you haven't read it.
Enjoy this new part of my story and I will try my hardest to get part nine out in two weeks.


“Adam!” Cierra shouted.
“What? I gave her what she wanted.  Your dad gave me the money to buy you whatever you needed.”
“Okay, but tell me.  Would you pay that much normally?” Cierra asked.
“Course not, that amount of gold? That’s absurd.”
Cierra agreed. 
“Do you want a horse? Or are you okay riding on Syrith?”
“I’m okay with Syrith.” She smiled.
“Okay, let’s get going.  We have a long journey on our hands.”

Chapter Three-

 “How far till Port Avalin?” Cierra asked.
 “One more day.” Adam replied.  “Let’s find a good spot to spend the night.”
Cierra nodded.
Adam led the way until they had found a small clearing.
“Do you mind unpacking while I go find firewood?”
“Can I make dinner?” She asked.
“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Adam left to find the firewood needed for the night.
Cierra turned back to their packs and started to unload.  She pulled out their sleeping mats and some food for dinner.  I just graduated high school a week and a half ago.  Cierra thought to herself, now I’m in another world on a long journey looking for my father who I just learned about three days ago.  Her pondering was interrupted by something in the bushes a few feet away from her.
“Syrith!”  She beckoned, hoping for some help.
The dragon walked over next to Cierra.
“There’s something big in the bushes.” She said quietly.
Syrith slowly walked over to the rustling bushes.  Just then a huge forest wolf jumped out at them.
Cierra screamed.  The wolf leapt towards her baring its teeth and growling.  She tripped over a log and fell over.
“Help!”  She screamed again.
Syrith took a long breath in.  And in seconds hot fire and liquid came spewing out of his mouth onto the wolf.
Cierra got up and walked over to a tree and sat down.  “Thank you Syrith, You are definitely a life saver.”
 “What happened?”  Adam came running into the mess.
“A forest wolf attacked me,” Cierra pointed to the pile of burnt wolf and fire.  “Thankfully Syrith was here with me.”
Adam walked over to his dragon and started stroking his neck.  “That’s a first.”
“What’s a first?” Cierra sat next to the tree confused.
“He’s never used his ability to use fire before,” Adam smiled.
“I didn’t know that,” Cierra grinned.  “Now I’m even more grateful.”
“The wolf didn’t bite you did he?” Adam made sure.
“No, I’m fine.” She looked over herself,  “Only a couple bruises from tripping.”
Adam looked at the almost dark sky, “We should start a fire.  It’ll be dark soon.”
Cierra gave him a nod and started picking up the firewood Adam had dropped. 
After they had eaten, they rolled out their sleeping mats and made sure who was going to take the lookout job first.
“I’ll start and I’ll wake you up in a couple hours for your shift.  If you get too tired just wake up Syrith and he’ll take the rest of the night.”  Adam told Cierra the plans.
She agreed and turned over for a few hours of sleep.
Adam woke Cierra up.  “My turn?”  She asked.
“Yes.  Remember, if you get too tired just wake up me or Syrith.”
She nodded and watched Adam walk over to his mat.  This is going to be a long night. Cierra thought to herself.  She looked up to the cloudless sky and remembered that one night on her fifteenth birthday.  She wished she could see the stars every night, now she could.  Cierra smiled, remembering her life back in New York.  She missed Kacey; it’d been two and a half years since she had talked to her last.  She probably has made more friends by now.  Cierra choked and started tearing up.  “I’m going to call her when I get home,” She whispered to herself.  What’s happening to me? She questioned herself. My life was so boring, now I find out I’m a princess, my father is from another dimension, and I rode on a dragon for the first time. It’s like a fairy-tale!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Story Snippets - Part Six

Hello! I'm excited to finally post part six and get it out of the way.

Without further ado here is part six of - The King's Daughter


When Cierra awoke she knew she was in the middle of nowhere.  She opened her eyes to a beautiful forest, birds were singing around her, she had woken up on a soft bed of moss under a couple of willow trees.  She ran over to the fields nearby, there was no civilization in sight.  Cierra was confused, “Why would it bring me to the middle of nowhere?”  She looked around a bit more; she walked back into the forest.  She heard rushing water, just over the hill was a small stream running towards a waterfall. Cierra heard a loud screech.  She ran to grab her book and hid behind a bush.
“I know I saw something.”  A young man about Cierra’s age jumped off a red dragon.  “I know you’re probably scared, but please come out.”
Cierra thought about it for a bit, then she started to circle around him.  The dragon was already well aware of what she was doing by the time she had gotten where she wanted.  “Are you one of the people my father sent to find me?”  She finally decided to speak.
“Uh, yes.  Are you Cierra? Princess of Alderith?” He asked, still looking in the same direction as before.
“Please turn around, it’s rude to have your back turned to the person you're talking to.” She looked at him; he had brown hair, which was cut short like any other man she knew.  His clothes were medieval-like; he wore a leather vest over a long sleeved shirt.  She saw his pointed ears, “You’re an elf?” 
“Yes, well, kind of we’re called Rylek” He looked at her.  “You are Cierra? Right?”
“Yeah,” She answered.
“I thought so, you look familiar.” He looked up at his dragon and gave a nod.
“What are your names?” Cierra watched as the young man introduced the two of them.
“My name is Adam and this is my dragon Syrith.” He looked at her clothes.  “We better get you some new clothing.”
“What’s wrong with the clothes I’m wearing?” She asked.
“You’re too-“ He looked down, “What’s the word I’m looking for?”
“Odd?  Strange? Abnormal?”
“Kind of, I guess I was thinking more unusual?”
“That makes sense.”  She looked at what she was wearing again, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  “What did you have in mind?”
“Your father gave me instructions to bring you to the nearest town and get you some supplies.”
Cierra’s curiosity peaked, “What did my dad have in mind?” She smirked.  “He hasn’t even seen me since I was a baby.”
 “Come on, let’s go get you some stuff.” Adam spoke impatiently.  He opened up his pack; “I can keep your book safe in here until you have a place for it yourself.”
She gave him the book and followed him over to Syrith’s side.  “Are we going to ride him?” She started to freak out, "There is no way I am riding him!”
“Can you at least go this one time? We can get you a horse afterwards if you really need it.”
Cierra hesitated then hopped on.
“Are you comfortable?”
 She nodded.
“Okay Syrith, let’s make our way to the nearest village. In the direction we’re heading, should be Galvron.”  
 “Where are we now?” Cierra was confused.
“We’re in the ‘passage zone’.  It’s where newcomers first spawn in when they enter our world.  Next time you come you’ll be where you were standing when you left.”
“Like a videogame?” Cierra asked.
Adam laughed.  “Yes.”
“Why is that funny?”
“That’s what I said when I first heard of it.”
Cierra smiled, “I’m ready.”
“Okay, Syrith let’s go.  You might want to hold on tight, he likes to go fast.”  He told Cierra.
She nodded and wrapped her arms around Adam, “Do you mind?”
“No, go ahead, I understand.”
She smiled and held tight as Syrith leapt into the air.  He started to flap his wings and they ascended into the clouds. He stopped for Cierra to look at the view.
“It’s beautiful.”  She looked around, “I think I’ll like this more than I thought.”

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Story Snippets - Part Five

Hello again, here is part five of - The King's Daughter


Cierra’s eyes grew wide, “It’s beautiful, is this what he was talking about?”
She nodded, “One of many gateways into the realm of Verilia.”
“What do I do?” Cierra asked.
“Well, first you need to know what you’re getting into.”
Cierra was confused, “Aren’t I just going to another world to find my father?”
“Of course, but it’ll be a long journey to find him.  You’ll get some supplies on your journey after you enter through the gateway.” Cindy explained as if she was a trained expert.  “Your father told me exactly what to tell you.  I think you’ll be happy with what you’ll find.  There are different kinds of trees and animals.  But be careful, Verilia is a dangerous place.”
Cierra spoke sarcastically, “What? Are there monsters prowling about?”
Her mother replied, “In a way.  They’re not what you’d expect for monsters.”
She gave her an odd look. 
“Giant wolves, bandits, dragons, trolls, and goblins.  That sort of stuff, if you want you can start looking through your book while I go check on your siblings in the pool.  I think I just heard Merrily scream.”
Cierra gave her a slow nod and opened her book again, this time going to the guide section.  She was right, there are Forest wolves that are two times bigger than our grey wolves.  Trolls, goblins, dragons, they’re all here.  Except it says dragons are non-hostile creatures.  “Interesting,” Cierra finally spoke aloud.
“What?” Cindy asked.
“It says here that dragons are non-hostile creatures except when they are being threatened.”
“Huh, I guess I was wrong then.” Her mom turned and walked out the door to go check on the kids.
“Is this ‘realm’ supposed to be a secret?” Cierra asked when her mother came back.
“Yes, I’ll just tell the rest of the family you went off to work at a summer camp or something.” She looked up into her daughter’s eyes.  “Please be careful with both choosing friends and safety.  I don’t know what I’d do if you never came back.”
Cierra hugged her mother.  “I promise I’ll be careful.  What do I do with this necklace now?”
“Turn to the last page,” she instructed.
Cierra did as she was told and turned to the last page, which was thicker than all the rest.  “It’s a lock!” Cierra looked up at her mother.
Cindy smiled, “Put the necklace in and turn it.”
Cierra plopped the necklace into the shaped lock.  It fit perfectly.  “I can’t believe it.”  As she turned it the room started spinning around her, she felt nauseated and she fell over.  
Darkness swept over her as she heard her mother say good-bye.