About Me

Welcome to my view of the world around me, my name is Anna Jolene.  This page will include many facts about me and my life.

I'm sixteen years old and an active writer, photographer and homeschooler.  I am a Christian, I was saved at a young age though I have been a lot more serious about my faith the past couple of years.  I pray that  I influence you in some way with both my writing and photography.  I love to write and take pictures, hang out with my friends and draw.  I wouldn't call myself a great artist, so I just doodle simple things like flowers or fish.

In addition to the facts below, lately (as of June 8th) I have been obsessed with many things that include:
-Watching the TV show LOST and Falling Skies <3
-Listening to an unhealthy amount of Twenty One Pilots since November 1st, 2015.
All of these have been a very frequent thing in my life.  I don't plan on taking any of these things out of my life, I love them.  Now to the information below o/  <---It is a waving person, do not tell me differently.  He is adorable and I will use him often.

Some more interesting facts about me…
-I will not go near any spider of any kind (Bad case of arachnophobia)
-I obsess over small things, including notebooks and pens.
-I like chatting and being around other people, but I'm introverted and shy.
-I love the colors green and orange, but not together.
-I kind of have a fear of heights, but it's only ever affected me at amusement parks.
-I have never been out of the U.S.
-I would love to go to Paris someday (I'm learning french in school)
-I have never broken a bone-- I think.
-I have been dancing for 8 years and counting.
-My favorite food is pizza.
-I started writing on the 17th of February 2014.
-I am part of a family of five.
-I have seventeen cousins total, plus twin babies that my cousin had in October-  They are the cutest thing on earth.
-I love turtles and hedgehogs, what a wonderful combination.

Please check out the rest of my blog, comment below, or even follow me by email.

-Anna Jolene  o/


  1. "I am a Christian, I was saved at a young age, though I have been a lot more serious with my faith the past couple of years."

    Totally me too. :) It doesn't make for the most interesting testimony, but I am immensely glad I got to know Christ when I was small.


  2. I just found your blog and discovered that I have quite a few things in common with you, including that I love photography, I'm homeschooled, saved at a young age, I like drawing, and Paris... :) Its nice to find people who are like you.
    I wish you luck with your photography and writing. :)


    1. That's so cool, yeah- I will have to apologize, I have been on such a long hiatus and haven't seen your comment until today. I just checked out you blog and I plan to start following your posts :)
      I hope you will still be interested in what I have to show in the coming months, I have some stuff planned... Stuff that I tried to do last summer, but this time I am going to try really hard to get them done.

    2. I'm glad you checked out my blog. :) I'll definitely still be interested to see what else you post on here. :)

  3. Hi Anna! I just found your blog through the Flash Fiction Challenge! It's so cool!
    I have a question, you're Katie Grace's cousin right? I think you were on her blog one time.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we shared a blog back in 2014 before splitting to go our own ways. She is the greatest, and I've always loved to hear what she has to say to the blogging world :)

    2. Me too! I thought about doing a blog with my cousin, but we decided not to.

    3. We agreed that it was hard to rely on the other person to publish their posts on time and everything, I feel like we could've still had it if we came at it differently. But now we have our own blogs!