Monday, November 24, 2014

Story Snippets - Part Nine

Hey everyone, I was a little late in posting this…
But without further wait, here is part nine of The King's Daughter.
Here's Part Eight if you missed it.
I hope you enjoy <3
-Anna Jolene


By the time the sun rose the next morning, the three of them were all packed and ready for their journey to Port Avalin.
“Make sure there’s nothing left behind.”  Adam reminded Cierra.
She looked back, “I’m pretty sure we got everything.  Unless you want to take the dead wolf with?”
Adam grinned, “I think I’ll be fine with leaving him behind.”
“Okay, we’re good to go then.” Cierra hopped onto Syrith’s back along with Adam and their luggage.
A whole hour had gone by when Adam spotted something in the distance.  “Is that Port Avalin?  I thought we were further south.”
“Your saying we could have been sleeping in an actual bed last night?” Cierra was shocked.
“If you want to say that.  Then yes, we could have been sleeping indoors.  We should go find my friend, they’re supposed to meet us at the inn.”
When they landed, Adam brought Syrith to the Aviary to be took care of.  Cierra followed him into the busier part of the village, where there were people trading and selling goods. 
Port Avalin looks a lot like Galvron, She told herself as they walked into the inn on the edge of the square. "The Old Violet Inn and Tavern," She read out loud.
Adam walked up to the counter, “We have someone waiting for us.”  He told the Innkeeper.
“Name?” The man asked in a deep and menacing voice.
“Adam Rivers,” he said softly.
“Ah, your one of those worldlings.” The man laughed.  “Here’s your key.”
They walked across the tavern and up the stairs to all the rooms.
“Why’d he call you a worldling?” Cierra asked.
“That’s what they call us, since we come from ‘another world’.  That’s why I was quiet with my last name.”
“It’s not a bad last name.  I had a friend with it, back in New york.”  Cierra thought about Kacey, and remembered about the night before.
“Had?”  Adam asked.
“We moved to California three years ago.”
“Oh, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.  Here’s our room,” He knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Cierra heard a female voice say.
Adam turned the key and walked in, Cierra followed.  “I found her Rachel,” Adam spoke first as they entered the room.
“You have wings!”  Cierra couldn’t hold it back.
Rachel laughed, “I guess you’ve never seen my kind.  I’ll introduce myself, I’m Rachel, royal guard of Kaidor.”
“I’m Cierra, Princess of Alderith?”  She said hesitantly.
“Its great to finally meet you,” Rachel smiled. 
“Are you a ‘worldling’ too?” Cierra asked.
“No, I’ve lived here my whole life.  But when my father died my mom thought about sending me to my aunt and uncle who live in your world.”  Rachel smiled.  “We have some gifts from your father.”  She looked at Adam for permission; he nodded and walked over to a sack in the corner of the room.
“There are a few things in here.”  Adam told Cierra as he handed her the sack.
Cierra slowly opened the bag, there lay a sword, a bag of money, another note written by her father, and a belt to hold her new sword and money. “All this stuff is for me?”  Both Rachel and Adam nodded.
“Read the note.” Rachel said eagerly.
Cierra picked up the piece of paper and read aloud.
Dear Cierra,
If you’re reading this, then you are probably in Port Avalin.  I’m praying for safe travels for you and your companions.  I’m hoping they can teach you how to use the sword I’ve given you. I can’t wait to see you.
Your Father,

P.S.  Be careful.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Update: Where have I been?

Well, I'm going o start off by saying:
Hello people, how have you been?
I'm alive, and I'm still here.  It has been a few weeks since I posted something, and it was barely anything just a story snippet (which you people enjoy) and that's it.  School had started and my activity on here vanished. I've been getting behind in my schoolwork and trying to get it done on he weekends, and I haven't had any time to write up a post for my blog.  I love to post and take pictures, I mean what's a blog called Truth of the Lens without pictures? So, starting tomorrow I am planning on posting story snippet number nine.  Hopefully you the people will see more of me more often :)