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Story Snippets - Part Five

Hello again, here is part five of - The King's Daughter


Cierra’s eyes grew wide, “It’s beautiful, is this what he was talking about?”
She nodded, “One of many gateways into the realm of Verilia.”
“What do I do?” Cierra asked.
“Well, first you need to know what you’re getting into.”
Cierra was confused, “Aren’t I just going to another world to find my father?”
“Of course, but it’ll be a long journey to find him.  You’ll get some supplies on your journey after you enter through the gateway.” Cindy explained as if she was a trained expert.  “Your father told me exactly what to tell you.  I think you’ll be happy with what you’ll find.  There are different kinds of trees and animals.  But be careful, Verilia is a dangerous place.”
Cierra spoke sarcastically, “What? Are there monsters prowling about?”
Her mother replied, “In a way.  They’re not what you’d expect for monsters.”
She gave her an odd look. 
“Giant wolves, bandits, dragons, trolls, and goblins.  That sort of stuff, if you want you can start looking through your book while I go check on your siblings in the pool.  I think I just heard Merrily scream.”
Cierra gave her a slow nod and opened her book again, this time going to the guide section.  She was right, there are Forest wolves that are two times bigger than our grey wolves.  Trolls, goblins, dragons, they’re all here.  Except it says dragons are non-hostile creatures.  “Interesting,” Cierra finally spoke aloud.
“What?” Cindy asked.
“It says here that dragons are non-hostile creatures except when they are being threatened.”
“Huh, I guess I was wrong then.” Her mom turned and walked out the door to go check on the kids.
“Is this ‘realm’ supposed to be a secret?” Cierra asked when her mother came back.
“Yes, I’ll just tell the rest of the family you went off to work at a summer camp or something.” She looked up into her daughter’s eyes.  “Please be careful with both choosing friends and safety.  I don’t know what I’d do if you never came back.”
Cierra hugged her mother.  “I promise I’ll be careful.  What do I do with this necklace now?”
“Turn to the last page,” she instructed.
Cierra did as she was told and turned to the last page, which was thicker than all the rest.  “It’s a lock!” Cierra looked up at her mother.
Cindy smiled, “Put the necklace in and turn it.”
Cierra plopped the necklace into the shaped lock.  It fit perfectly.  “I can’t believe it.”  As she turned it the room started spinning around her, she felt nauseated and she fell over.  
Darkness swept over her as she heard her mother say good-bye.

Story Snippets - Part Four

Hello, again I don't have much to say.  If this is your first time reading these, I hope you'll enjoy them.
Here is part four of - The King's Daughter


“Cierra!” She heard her mother shout from her bedroom.
“Yes?” She replied, as she walked into the room where her mother was going through boxes.
“I have something I’ve been waiting to show you.”
Cierra looked confused, “What is it?”
“Here,” Cindy handed her a book with something hanging out of it.
She started to open it but her mother stopped her.
“Just wait, I need to tell you something’s first.” Her mother sighed.
Cierra walked over to the couch, her father was at work and her siblings were splashing in the pool and playing ‘Marco Polo’.
“First off, Kevin is your step father.” Cindy let it out like she’d been holding it back like a caged animal.
“What?!” Cierra exclaimed.
“Let me explain first before you ask any questions.”
Cierra nodded as her mom continued.
“Your ‘real’ father didn’t want to leave us, he had to.  He’s the king of another country.”
Cierra’s face went from astonished to completely confused.
“He lives in another world and I have one of the only ways to get there.  Before you call me crazy, take a look at the first page of that book of yours.”
Cierra opened the book and read aloud:
To my beloved daughter Cierra,
I love you, and I have always loved you.  I’m sorry I had to leave but I had my duties in my world.  You probably are questioning your mother right now, and I don’t blame you.  I put together this book for you; it’s a guide for the world I live in today.  If you accept, I would love to have you come and visit us.  Your mother and I made a deal so that you’d see this on your eighteenth birthday, or at least sometime around there.  Cierra had to stop because she was starting to laugh.
“What’s so funny?” Cindy questioned.
“It’s sounds like he knew you’d give it to me late.”  Cierra giggled.
“Oh goodness.”
She stopped laughing.  “I’ll continue,” She started to read again.
I didn’t leave just the book; there is a necklace I gifted to you.  That is your ‘portal’ into my world.  It’s one of four gateways and counting.  I have people watching for your appearance, they will help you on your journey through the lands of Verilia.  Isn’t it a pretty name? I can’t wait to see you.
Yours truly,
“Davion and Cindy, hmm, its kind of got a roll to it don’t you think?”
Her mother chuckled, “that’s what I thought when I first met him.”
“Does Kevin know about all this?”
“You can still call him your father, and no, all he knows is that you’re his step daughter.”  Cindy looked into her daughter’s eyes. “Now, here’s the real question.  Do you want to go on this journey?”
Cierra contemplated all she just read.  “Yes, I’d love to see my real father, who I haven’t seen for eighteen years.  I still can’t believe this.  Are you sure you’re not just sending me on a wild goose chase?”
Cindy nodded and reached into the box she was looking through earlier.  “I promise.  And promise me you won’t tell anyone who you are and where you came from.” She handed her a necklace in the shape of a key.

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Story Snippets - Part Three

Hello again, this will be the second and last post for today.  I'm just trying to get these all posted before I send out part seven. So, without further ado.
Here is part three of - The King's Daughter


“What do you mean you’re going to move?” Kacey roared.
“My dad’s boss is transferring him to California.” Cierra tried to explain.
“I don’t know what to say but have fun, I’ve always wanted to go to California.  You’re really lucky your dad wasn’t transferred to another country or something.”
“Don’t say that, moving to another country would be pretty cool.”  She pointed out.  “I’m just afraid I won’t make any new friends.”
“You’ll be fine, you’re the most social person I’ve ever met.” Kacey complimented.
“Thanks, that means a lot coming from a friend I won’t be seeing anymore.”
The girls went in for a long hug.  “I’ll surely miss you Cierra,” Kacey started to speak again when Cierra’s phone started to play its ringtone.
“Cierra, we need you home right now.”  Cierra could tell her mother was serious.
“Okay, I’ll be home in five minutes.” Cierra hung up the phone and looked over at Kacey.  “My mom wants me home, this is probably going to be the last time we see each other.”  Cierra stated sadly.
“It’s okay, it’s probably an emergency if she sounded that frantic.  We’ll have a long talk when you get moved in.”  Kacey smiled.
“I’d like that,” Cierra looked at the clock.  “I’m already running late, good bye Kacey.” 
“Bye!” Kacey yelled as she watched Cierra run down the street.

                                           t  t  t

“I’m home!” Cierra shouted as she entered the kitchen.
“We’re in the living room!” Cierra heard her mom.
“What was so urgent?” She asked.
“We’re moving in two weeks, start planning on how you’re packing up your room.” Cindy spoke excitedly.  
“Already?” She questioned.
“We already found and bought a house in southern California.”
“It’s only been a week since you told us about this.”  Cierra pointed out, “And you’ve already bought a house?”

Chapter 2- A New Life

“Cierra Prescott!”  Her name was announced; she walked up on stage and waved to the crowd.
“Hello, thank you for coming.  Isn’t it a beautiful summer day?”  Cierra smiled and looked across the field.  “I want to thank my family for being there when I needed them.  When I felt like giving up, my mom always told me to take a break and try it again.  And to my sister Merrily, you always cheered me up when I felt sad or angry.  And last of all I want to thank my ninth grade English teacher; he helped me through a really tough part of my schooling.  Thank you.” She smiled and as she walked off the stage she heard the crowd start clapping.
“Congratulations.” Her Aunt Meredith said as she neared her family.
“Thanks, I can’t believe its graduation already.” She said in bewilderment.
It had been three years since Cierra’s family moved to California.  Cierra is now eighteen years old and a high school graduate.   She and her family moved into a five bedroom modern home in the suburbs of San Diego.   Cierra had started going to church for the first time, and on her 18th birthday she became a Christian and is teaching her family about her life with Christ.

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Story Snippets - Part Two

Hello, there's not much to say today.  
So, here is part two of - The King's Daughter


As she was walking back up to the roof she heard a crash and ran to the kitchen, “What happened?”
“Be careful, I slipped on a puddle while cleaning the dishes and the whole towel full of dried plates and cups came with me.” Dad sighed.
“It could’ve been worse.” He reassured himself.
“Do you need any help cleaning up?” Cierra asked.
“No, you go do what you were doing before.  I can clean this up on my own.” He insisted.
“Okay, I won’t be coming down anymore. So, goodnight.” She grinned.
“Goodnight sweetheart.” He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.
      Cierra made her way up the stairs and back onto the roof to retrieve her boxed tablet.  She looked up, “Wow, the stars are beautiful.” She thought to herself.  I wish I could see them every night. Cierra made her way to her room, it was small but she didn’t need much.  The walls were a soft brown with big white polka dots scattered in different places.  Her bed was in the corner and her closet on the other side.  She walked over to her window and looked out; the streets were quiet.  Cierra changed into her nightclothes and got under the covers.  Thinking about what her teacher said before she had left school, her muscles relaxed and she rolled over for what she thought would be a good night of sleep. 
      Exhaustion hovered around her like vultures circling their prey; her eyes were heavy and droopy.  It had just turned to 3 o’clock when she finally fell asleep.

The next morning Cierra woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs.  She yawned; it had been a rough night for her, waking up off and on.  Cierra rolled over trying to get another hour of sleep when her mother knocked on the door.
“Are you awake? Breakfast is ready.” She announced into the empty-like room.
“I’ll be down in five minutes,” Cierra groaned.
“Okay, but your eggs will be cold,” Her mother blurted out.
“Fine, you win.” She got out of bed, “Make sure the boys don’t eat my bacon.”
      Her mother responded with an okay and a chuckle.
Cierra made her way down the stairs to the kitchen where her family was eating their breakfast. 
“Good morning sleepyhead,” Jordan teased.
“Jordan,” Mom glanced at him.
“No it’s okay Mom,” Cierra said as she yawned, “I had a bad night.”
“Couldn’t sleep?” Dad asked.
Cierra nodded, “I kept having different nightmares.”
“That’s a bummer.  Do you want orange juice or water?” Her mother asked.
“Orange juice, please.” She replied with a smile.
Cierra took her plate of food and sat down at the table next to her siblings and across from her parents.  When her mother sat down she asked Cierra, “Can I see your report card Cierra?”
Cierra sighed, “You won’t like it.”
Her mother reached over and grabbed it.  “Oh honey,” Mom frowned.
“I know, but before you say anything else Mr. Robertson talked to me after school and gave me some tips for next year.”
She looked over at her parents’ faces.
“Are you sure they’ll work? You know this can’t happen again.” Mom glanced at Dad as he questioned his thoughts.
“Trust me, they worked for him before.” She tried to get her parents to accept.
“Okay, let’s drop this conversation and finish our breakfast.  Merrily and the boys finished five minutes ago.”
Both Cierra and her mother nodded in agreement.
“And with that your mother and I have something else to share.” He announced.
The whole family shifted their eyes back onto him.  “I got a promotion.”
The kids congratulated him.  “Yay!  Daddy got a promotion!”  Merrily giggled.
The boys just sat there and clapped.
Cierra’s parents waited until they had finished, “There’s some bad news also, I’m in the process of getting transferred to our western branch in California.” Their father looked at the children’s jaws that had just dropped.
“What? Are you saying we’re going to move?” Cierra questioned.
“Kind of, we haven’t figured everything out.” Mom responded.  “If we were to move it would be this summer.”
Cierra got up and walked off to her room.  She knew there was no way out of moving.  Maybe it won’t be as bad I think, She told herself.  She had always dreamt of going to California, but not like this.  “I guess there’s new things I could try, like surfing and scuba diving.”  She tried to cheer herself up.  “I’ll have to tell Kacey, and that will not be fun.”

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Story Snippets - Part One

Hello, Like I said in my 'Welcome' post, I am going to be posting my past story snippets before actually posting part 7 to make it easier for finding the last 6.  
Here is part one of - The King's Daughter


“How?” Cierra questioned as she looked at her test scores.  She glanced over at her friend Kacey who seemed a little too happy with what she got. 
“Have a great summer kids.” The teacher smiled, “I won’t be seeing you guys in the fall since I’m retiring, but I want you to be on your best behavior for your next teacher.” When the school bell rang, boys and girls jumped up from their seats like grasshoppers in the morning sun.
“I got an A!” Kacey shouted when they walked into the halls.
“Good for you,” Cierra sighed.
“What’s wrong?” Kacey’s face went somber.
“The teacher gave me a C,” She said in a miserable tone.
“Oh Cierra,” Kacey tried to comfort her.  “Don’t be sad, your birthday’s this weekend, isn’t it?”
“You’re right, I won’t be too hard on myself.”
Kacey smirked, “That’s the girl I know, now come on, It’s summer break!”
Cierra laughed, “Wait up, I need to get my stuff out of my locker!” Cierra turned the corner and ran over to her locker.  She grabbed all her books and shoved them into her backpack.  As she started to walk away, she heard her name being called.
“Cierra Prescott!” The teacher shouted.
“Yes, sir?" She turned and walked toward him.
“I’m disappointed in your work,” he looked down at her.
“I am too sir, I don’t know what happened.  I studied so hard.” She sighed, “I even felt like I was the only one who actually tried.”
He nodded in acknowledgement, “I know how you feel.  I had a lot of trouble with school when I was your age.”
“Really?” She started to show interest.
“Yes, I was up till midnight every night studying and I kept getting bad grades.” He turned, “Let me tell you some more.”
She followed him into the room she had just left moments ago, “What did you do? I mean you would have had to get better grades to be where you’re at today.”
He nodded, “ It was a day like today.  It was the beginning of summer break.”
Cierra sat down in a chair and listened.
“My teacher pulled me aside and talked to me just like I’m doing now.  She told me to go have a fun summer and not to think about school at all until it started again.  She said I shouldn’t stress out on anything that comes my way.”
Cierra gave him a confused look.  “Why did she say that?”
He smiled, “I knew you were interested.”
Cierra blushed.
“It was a tip, I did what she said and when school came back I didn’t stress out on anything.”
“How was that supposed to help?” Cierra looked up at him.
He smirked, “That’s what I said, but I did it anyway.  Think of it as starting over, clearing the paint pallet and choosing new colors. Try another technique, maybe that’ll help you.”
Cierra smiled, “Thank you Mr. Robertson.  I think I’ll try it,” She looked at the time and jumped out of her seat.  “I’ve got to go, good-bye!
“Good-bye Cierra!” She heard her teacher say as she ran through the school hallways.
“Where have you been? I’ve been out here waiting for you for the past ten minutes!” Kacey stood waiting at the sidewalk.
“I’m so sorry, Mr. Robertson wanted to talk to me about my grades.”  Cierra apologized.
“I think it was more then grades you talked about, you took forever!”  Kacey frowned, “Come on we should probably start making our way home.”
Cierra nodded as they turned to walk home.

   u        u        u
“Happy Birthday Cierra!” Her family and friends sang.
She looked around as they finished.  “Thank you, everybody,” she smiled, “I’m 15!”
Everyone around her started chanting, “Blow out the candles!”
“Okay, okay,” She blew as hard as she could.  "I wish for…"
“What’d you wish for?” Kacey interrupted.
“I can’t think of anything,“ She frowned.
“Come on, there has to be something you want?”
Cierra thought hard and shook her head.
Kacey scowled at her, “You have nothing you’re hoping to get today?”
“Nothing specific,” Cierra said.
“Wow,” Kacey turned herself around and started to eat her piece of cake.
Fifteen-year-old Cierra lives in a penthouse in the suburbs of New York with her parents, Cindy and Kevin, her brothers Jason, Jordan, and her four-year-old sister Merrily. 
“Is it time for you to open your present?” Merrily asked excitedly.
Cierra smiled, “I guess I could open now.” She eyed her mother.
Cindy walked over and handed Cierra a small square present, “Here you go.” She smiled
“Thank you,” she said as she tore into the wrapping paper.  Her jaw dropped, “A new tablet?”
“I know you’ve been wanting one, so I got you one of the newest versions they had.” She leaned in to give her a hug.
Cierra almost started crying. “Thank you so much.”
      After the party and everyone went home, Cierra went up to their rooftop patio to set up her new tablet.  She had just sat down on the couch when she heard her mom call her name.  “One second,” She put the device back into its case and made her way for the door.
“There you are,” Her mother said frantically. 
“I came up here to try out my tablet,” She smiled.
“Good for you, but can you go say goodnight to your sister?”
Cierra nodded.  Smiling, she made her way down stairs to Merrily’s bedroom.  She slowly walked into her room, “Goodnight.” She whispered softly into her sister’s ear. 
Merrily turned over and gave her big sister a hug, “Goodnight.” She yawned and closed her eyes.

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Hello,  My name is Anna and this is my blog.  Truth of the Lens is going to be about my writing and photography progress.  Since my cousin Katie and I are retiring our blog "Cousins in Christ," we are going our separate ways and creating our own blogs.
Here is Katie's- A Writer's Faith


What you can expect and not expect from Truth of the Lens-

1.  I'd like to continue my story snippets every other Sunday like I have been. (For the next couple days I will post the previous snippets so that you can retrieve them easily.)
2. Every month I want to post an update on my word count for my book, The King's Daughter.
3. Since the name is Truth of the Lens, I want to do something having to do with photography.  So, my plan is, every week I will post a picture I have taken sometime in the past or even from that day and share what I think about it or why I love it.
4.  I have learned from my previous experience that while I'm a current homeschool student it'd be best if I don't have a set schedule. If you want to know when I will be posting, you can subscribe to get emails whenever I do post.


Since Katie did most of the technical work for "Cousins in Christ," I can't wait to get started and find out what kind of things lie ahead of me.
Leave a comment on what you think and please contact me if you have any suggestions or anything you want to see added to my list above.
-Anna Jolene <3