Saturday, May 16, 2015

How Did I Discover Ilyon Chronicles? + Day 16 Photo Challenge

My favorite author Jaye L. Knight, has been busy with hosting a large event for her book's 1 year anniversary.  For the whole month of May she is having contests, character Q+A's, etc.  And she is having her followers write about how they found her newest series, The Ilyon Chronicles.   Now, today is my turn.


I heard about Jaye, or Molly, when she first published her pirate series.  I know, that was a long time ago, but, I didn't actually start reading her books until the spring of 2013.  That's when I read her Makilien trilogy along with the pirate books.  Of course, I became a big fan and followed her every movements (just kidding, I never did such a thing) I was excited about her next series, The Ilyon Chronicles.  Katie, my cousin and previous blogger buddy over at Cousin's in Christ (don't look for it, its kind of disbanded…)  She was able to be a beta-reader for Jaye.  I was a little jealous at the time but I was a good girl and waited patiently for the book to be published.  Then, the time came and I was able to read the long awaited book in my very own hands.  Since then, Katie and I have read it twice out loud to each other while fishing on the dock at our cabin… Oh good times (to be honest, we never actually got through the whole thing)  After this time, I've also read the second book of the series, The King's Scrolls, and I'm excited for the upcoming novella, Half-Blood, and the third book, Samara's peril.


So, I thought this fit perfectly into this post.  Today's topic for The Idea Room's photo-a-day challenge is top.  Or cover… So, I picked a picture that was taken by one of my friends last summer.  Katie, my other friend, and I all had a photo shoot.  One of our pictures (mine and Katie's) was of us and our Resistance books.  Top.  Cover.  The "top" of the book?  Close enough, I thought this picture was cute anyway.  (Note: We're wearing matching clothes)

Thank you for checking out m blog, I also want to apologize for the lack of pictures for the Photo-a-day challenge. I'm currently finishing up my school with all the finals, unit tests and whatnot… you know that kind of stuff is big this time of year.  My plans are to get all the days for the challenge done by June 1.  *Crosses my fingers* Hopefully I will do well with this plan.

          -Anna Jolene <3


  1. Ilyon Chronicles is an amazing series, isn't it?? ^__^ So excited for Samara's Peril!!

    Aww, and the picture is just too cute!! :D Now I want to have a Resistance photo-shoot with a fellow book-lover, :D


  2. Hello, Anna! I'm here with your writing prompt for the Flash Fiction challenge! :D

    This prompt is composed of two quotes from characters during a conversation. I leave it to you to interpret it. Here it is:

    "How can you possibly be okay with this?"
    "Quite simple, really. I'm realistic."

    Your limit is 1000 words. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! :D

    1. Thank you! This is my first time doing this, but I will try my best to use what you have given me :)

    2. I'm sure you'll do really well. I read through some of your writing excerpts. :)