This page is where I will put all the pictures I take on here.  From creative to beautiful images I take myself.
My camera is the Samsung WB250F- Click here for the specs... 
But to be honest, I have no clue what half of it means.  In my opinion, this camera isn't the best camera.  There are lots of other cameras I see family and friends walking around with, and I get a little jealous.  Because sometimes my pictures don't come out as clear as I would have hoped and I just feel like they could have been better.  In the very least, it's a basic camera with a lot of awesome features.  But I hope to get something better in the near future.  Something that can help me further my love for taking pictures.
Okay, so... Photography!
Each time there is a picture in one of my posts, I will post it to this page.  I hope to find a way to either put a slideshow of my favorite pictures on here or my main  page.  We shall see.

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