Writing Projects

This is where you'll find my story's progress.  I don't like the idea of updating my word count every once in awhile, I will do that when I finish my story so that you can all know how long it'll be.  Though, editing will be a whole other story... I will then update it again after the editing phase x_x

The King's Daughter

Started: July 1, 2014
Status: Dropped
 Cierra thought she was just an ordinary teen until she found out about all the secrets her mother had been keeping from her, her whole life. She then heads off on a long journey to find her father, but first she must enter another world with mythical creatures and new people. She will meet new friends along the way, which includes an elf named Adam, his dragon Syrith, an angel named Rachel and many more.

The Sword of Warrior's Past

Started: May 2015

Status: Writing Phase

Have you ever had too many problems for your own skin to handle?  Anahi blames her own DNA for everything that goes wrong in her life; losing her family, training as a soldier, watching everyone she loves, die or leave her forever.  A rough life was in store for her before she was even born.  A story full of airships, action, and broken hearts.  In this steampunk fantasy novel, Anahi will travel with her new military group to lands unknown to find The Sword of Warrior's Past.  A sword that could destroy the whole continent, will they find it or will it stay hidden forever?

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