Friday, May 1, 2015

May Photo-a-day challenge 2015

               Yes,  I am going to do the picture challenge from the Idea Room just like I did back in December.  Except! This time I'm doing it along with my mom, who is going to post her pictures on her blog, Kat and Kaboodle.
Today's May 1st, which means that I will be starting this challenge today.  The first topic is shiny, I had to take a minute and think about the things around me that were "shiny enough" to make it onto my blog.
               For my birthday, my parents bought me headphones, the over-the-head kind.  For a while I have been using earbuds and I wanted something a little bit more comfortable on my ears.  (You can find the headphones online HERE, even though I know you don't need them)  So, for my first picture,  I used my headphones since they have a shiny area on them.
               I am planning on posting each day's picture and topic… but if I miss one, I will include that day's picture along with the day after.
               I hope you all enjoy my posts from now on, and I will bring you my creations to the best of my abilities.

                   -Anna Jolene <3

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