Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big Birthday Update?!

          So, It has been many, many, many months since I have said anything on here.  I also left it off kind of abruptly...

          Well, I'm here to say that I've been having some trouble in school lately and that's why I haven't been able to post anything.  At least I'm back now and I will be back for sure this summer!!!

          This coming summer, I am planning on posting a lot of photography, writing and maybe something a little extra...  We'll see!

          According to the image up above you may be asking:  Is it Anna's birthday?  Yes! Indeed it is, I was born on Earth day, April 22nd.  I find it cool that I was born on Earth day, it's something that only people who's birthday is on the 22nd can say.  B-Earth-day ;)
          My plan for the upcoming months:

  •  For the WHOLE month of May, I will be doing a photo-a-day challenge like I did back in December... but this time I will actually complete it.
  • After that, I am planning on posting a fun picture every other week once May is done.
  • On the off weeks, when I'm not posting pictures.  I am still deciding if I should post story snippets like I used to OR some other kind of writing post.
  • I am also planning on doing a lot of reading this summer.  Hopefully.  I have some "school" type subjects I have to finish before the fall.

          I will also note, I do not know what day I will post... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.  No idea...  I will figure it out when I get there, SO BE PATIENT!!!

          And... If you havent noticed, I'm giving my blog a face lift :)

          Now, don't expect to see everything on time.  I may be a day late or I may forget completely, BUT, I know for a fact... I will try my hardest to get everything out in time so that you all can enjoy my hard work!!!

          -Anna Jolene <3

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  1. Happy, happy Birthday, Anna! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming blog posts!