Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hello,  My name is Anna and this is my blog.  Truth of the Lens is going to be about my writing and photography progress.  Since my cousin Katie and I are retiring our blog "Cousins in Christ," we are going our separate ways and creating our own blogs.
Here is Katie's- A Writer's Faith


What you can expect and not expect from Truth of the Lens-

1.  I'd like to continue my story snippets every other Sunday like I have been. (For the next couple days I will post the previous snippets so that you can retrieve them easily.)
2. Every month I want to post an update on my word count for my book, The King's Daughter.
3. Since the name is Truth of the Lens, I want to do something having to do with photography.  So, my plan is, every week I will post a picture I have taken sometime in the past or even from that day and share what I think about it or why I love it.
4.  I have learned from my previous experience that while I'm a current homeschool student it'd be best if I don't have a set schedule. If you want to know when I will be posting, you can subscribe to get emails whenever I do post.


Since Katie did most of the technical work for "Cousins in Christ," I can't wait to get started and find out what kind of things lie ahead of me.
Leave a comment on what you think and please contact me if you have any suggestions or anything you want to see added to my list above.
-Anna Jolene <3